19th International Conference of
International Humic Substances Society

Humic Substances and Their Contribution to the Climate Change Mitigation

16-21 September 2018
Albena Resort, Varna Region, Bulgaria


Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be submitted until 20.04.2018 to:
and to
Prof. Maya Stefanova
Assoc. Prof. Mariana Hristova


Format for extended abstracts

Please, keep the following page format: 2 printed pages (standard A4), all margins 2.5 cm (0.98").
Text format - single spacing of all text, justified, as follows:
Title – Times New Roman 13, sentence case, bold, justified, blank line
The next chapters in Times New Roman 10, first line 0.5 cm (0.2")
Authors – Name (sentence case) and family name (all caps); names of corresponding author underlined and asterisked; justified
Affiliation, address – sentence case, justified
* E-mail of corresponding author, blank line
Keywords: within 6 keywords, blank line
Within 90 words, followed by text formatted in 2 columns
Text - justified, first line 0.5 cm, Blank line
Materials and methods
Text - justified, first line 0.5 cm, Blank line
Results and Discussion
Text - justified, first line 0.5 cm, Blank line
Description of the figures – sentence case, Times New Roman 9, justified, no special line, below it, as shown: Figure 1. Location map of the studied area
Format of the tables – headline above table, justified, no special line, Times New Roman 9 for the headline and text, as shown: Table 1. The Freundlich adsorption parameters
References should be numbered and listed first alphabetically and then chronologically, if necessary, and should be arranged according to the following example:

  1. Bouras O., Bollinger J.C. and Baudu M. Effect of humic acids on pentachlorophenol sorption to cetyl-trimethylammonium-modified, Fe- and Al-pillared montmorillonites. Appl. Clay Sci. 50 (2010) 58-63.

Please do not exceed 2 pages!
An example of extended abstract is provided in the template form.

Please do not change format and style!

Download the template from here.