19th International Conference of
International Humic Substances Society

Humic Substances and Their Contribution to the Climate Change Mitigation

16-21 September 2018
Albena Resort, Bulgaria


Presentations Instructions

Oral Presenter Instructions

  • Talk Length

Talks are scheduled in 15-minute time slots for Oral Presenter. We strongly encourage a presentation of no more than 12 minutes to allow 3 minutes for questions from the audience. The time limit will be strictly respected.
Travel awards presenters have 10-minutes time slots for their presentation and a poster in Poster Session II.

  • Format for Presentations

PowerPoint (.ppt) or (.pptx)

  • Apple Macintosh Users

Please make sure that all inserted pictures are either JPEG or PNG file-types. Individuals using Apple Keynote should bring their files directly to the Speaker/Presentation Room to have them correctly transferred.

  • Microsoft Powerpoint Tips

Your content will be displayed on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen. Choose the correct format by going to the "Design" tab - select "Page Setup" - select the drop down arrow for "Slides sized for" and select "On-screen Show 4:3." PowerPoint embeds image files directly into the file when you save them, while video files are not embedded. Only a link is made to the video file. Copy the video clips you want to insert into the same folder as the PowerPoint file. This will eliminate the problem of PowerPoint losing the link to the file. Be certain to bring the video files and the PowerPoint files to the meeting. Use short video segments when needed, and try to keep the file to less than 20 MB. Large files will load and play slower during your presentation.

  • List of Preferred Media

  • Video Formats: The recommended video format for Windows-based presentations is Windows Media Video (.wmv).

  • Audio Formats: MPEG3 (.mp3), Windows Audio File (.wav), Windows Media Audio (.wma). iTunes based files will not work.

  • Fonts: Choose a font available in Windows/PowerPoint 2007. Fonts not available in Windows 2007 will not display correctly.

  • Images: Large images (i.e. 2000 x 1500 pixels) which are created with digital cameras and scanners will make the resulting PowerPoint file very large.

  • For speakers

Presentations will be given in Sea Hall of Paradise Blue Hotel. Computer and multimedia projector will be available for oral presenters. Speakers are kindly requested to upload their presentations at least three hours before its start to the technical staff in the hall. Speakers are kindly requested to strictly follow their fixed time for presentation according to the program (12 minutes for presentation plus 3 minutes for questions). Speakers office will be located in Paradise Blue Hotel. Laptops and a printer will be available.


For Poster Presenters and Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be held in Sea Hall according to the program. Display boards for poster exhibition will be provided on-site. The usable surface for one poster panel is 180 cm. (Height) X 90 cm. (Width). Please prepare your poster in PORTRAIT layout to fit within the usable surface of the panel. You are required to develop, print, and bring along the poster to the venue for mounting onto the poster board. For legibility, a minimum font size of 28 points and a maximum of 600 words on each poster are recommended.
Adhesive materials will be available on spot to mount your poster.
Each poster is assigned a number according to its number in the program booklet so that participants will know where to place their posters. Posters for the first poster session could be mounted starting from 17 September, 8:00 h, and should be removed till 12:00h on 18 September. Posters not removed and left behind will be discarded.
Posters for the second poster session could be mounted starting from 18 September, 14:00 h, and should be removed till 21 September,12:00 h. Posters not removed and left behind will be discarded.
Posters display boards will be dismantled and removed by the vendor, so please have your poster down. If not, the congress organizers will not be responsible for lost or demanded posters removed by the display board vendor.